Concierge Service and Express Pay at the

15th Anniversary International Folk Art Market Santa Fe

The Concierge Service returns at the 15th Anniversary International Folk Art Market Santa Fe on July 13-15, 2018, which is a service designed to enhance and expedite your personal shopping experience. For a nominal fee of $150, the service includes collecting and aggregating your purchases from all the artist booths at the Market into a single location for quick and easy check out at your convenience. The Program will run the entire market weekend. Please note: the Concierge Program is a service provided over and above the cost of admission.  Admission to the market is a separate purchase.

In order to provide the best service tickets for this Concierge program are extremely limited and sell out quickly.

How It Works
There are two easy steps to sign up today:

1. Register here for the Concierge Program.

2. If you didn’t already do so last year, sign up here for Express Pay, the secure payment system. Express Pay provides a convenient and faster checkout experience during the International Folk Art Markets in Santa Fe and Arlington! Enjoy easy and secure access to all of your purchases by registering with Express Pay! Sign up today. 

Prior to the International Folk Art Market Santa Fe, all members of the concierge program will be given a shopper number conveniently printed on custom badges. Each person will have their own unique shopper number, which will be listed on the badge. If a couple is utilizing the Concierge Program, shoppers will need to provide the primary name and shopper number that is registered in the system.

At the Market

  • Shoppers will select items for purchase at an artist’s booth, and identify themselves as members of the Concierge Program to the volunteer Artist Assistants, who will provide shoppers with purchase slips. Shoppers will collect purchase slips from the various booths around the Market as they shop.
  • As they continue to enjoy the Market, volunteers will send packages to the Concierge Center where they are organized and await pick up.
  • When shoppers are ready to leave the Market, they may notify the Concierge Center in advance by texting or calling the phone number on your badge, and meet staff there to check out. Concierge Center staff will confirm all purchases, process payments, and provide beautiful folk art ready to take home.

Additional questions about this new service may be sent to:

If you have questions about your donations, donor benefits, or this year’s Market, please feel free to contact Nancy Deutsch, Director of Advancement, at or 505.992.7607.