Here at IFAM, we celebrate social entrepreneurs—master folk artists—across the world.

Watch a video that features Meeri Tuya, a folk artist and community leader, who exemplifies the spirit of social entrepreneurship.




Give today to the International Folk Art Market and drive social change across the world. Your gift will generate life-changing impact.

IFAA provides year-round economic and entrepreneurship programs for folk artists, such as International Folk Art Market Santa Fe, Santa Fe International Folk Art Market at Arlington, Mentor to Market artist entrepreneurship education programs, and International Folk Art Market Collection, to create transformative opportunities for these social entrepreneurs who are agents of positive social change and forging a pathway to self-sufficiency for themselves, their families, and their home communities.
Click here to view more of Merri Tuya’s conversation with Jeff Snell on community impact and Maji Moto Women’s Project’s participation in International Folk Art Market Santa Fe.