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Mohammed Bilal Khatri | India | 2017 Sponsored Artist | An image capturing the process of boiling a Bagh print with Dhavdi flower and madder root.

Sponsor a first-time Market artist for the International Folk Art Alliance’s flagship program, the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe, and empower them to transform their life and give voice to their community. Your support will value the humanity of the handmade, honor timeless traditions, and embrace the vision of dignified livelihoods for these new artists coming to the Market. With your help, the International Folk Art Alliance will be able to provide direct financial support for first-time Market artists who would not be able to attend the the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe otherwise. Sponsorships cover costs including training, international airfare, lodging, local transportation, and meals.

Last year, artists who participated at the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe earned an average over $17,000 taking home 90% of their sales. Artists report that with the earnings from the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe they have been able to purchase land, build new studios, run health clinics, hire teachers and start schools, pay for school fees and books, and buy farm animals that bring additional wealth. When you sponsor a first-time Market artist, your support helps transform lives and gives voice to communities. Your donation empowers these artists and gives them hope for a better future.

Gifts of every size make a difference! For gifts $100 and above you will receive special benefits and tickets to the International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe. For gifts of $1,000 and above your name will be listed in the artist’s booth of your choice.

We thank you on behalf of the artists that will benefit from your generosity.

Donation Amount How your donation helps
$10,000+ Covers cost of one artist coop to attend
$5,000+ Covers cost of one artist to attend
$2,500 Covers international airfare for an artist
$1,000+ Covers food and lodging for an artist
$500+ Covers training for an artist
$250+ Covers local transportation for an artist
$100+ Covers supplies for an artist’s booth
$50+ Covers warehousing of an artist’s goods
$25+ Covers lunches for an artist during the Market

Sponsor an Artist

The following displays the 2017 cohort of first-time Market artists who received philanthropic assistance to participate in the 2017 International Folk Art Market. Stay tuned for next year’s class of first-time Market artists who will benefit from your generosity!

Hocine Bazine and Mahfoud Benslimane Hocine Bazine and Mahfoud Benslimane
Country: Algeria
Media: Textiles
María Concepción Ospina Gómez María Concepción Ospina Gómez
Country: Colombia
Media: Textiles
Sandra Dooley Sandra Dooley
Country: Cuba
Media: Mixed media
Leandro Gomez Quintero Leandro Gomez Quintero
Country: Cuba
Media: Sculpture
Kartik Hirabhai Chauhan Kartik Hirabhai Chauhan
Country: India
Media: Textiles
Islamuddin Neelgar Islamuddin Neelgar
Country: India
Media: Textiles
Fariza and Svetlana Sheisheyeva Fariza and Svetlana Sheisheyeva
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Media: Textiles
Aissata Namoko Aissata Namoko
Country: Mali
Media: Textiles
Edith Albarran Duque, Cesar Montes Rosales Edith Albarran Duque, Cesar Montes Rosales
Country: Mexico
Media: Jewelry
Khasan Umarov Khasan Umarov
Country: Uzbekistan
Media: Metalwork