Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

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Tadeusz Kacalak

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Supported by Folk Arts of Poland

Carved & Painted Wood Figures

Tadeusz Kacalak

Work by Tadeusz Kacalak

Taduesz Kacalak is a former barber who taught himself to carve while waiting for clients at his barber shop in Mazowsza, Poland. Kacalak’s hand-carved wood sculptures represent a style of sculpture from the Lecynia region of central Poland. They depict religious and village scenes, and birds. Cured Linden wood is carved by hand with chisels and other hand tools and later painted with water colors. Taduesz also paints watercolors of village scenes and religious subjects.

The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, a non-profit organization, produces the largest international folk art market in the world, and our success led to Santa Fe’s designation as a UNESCO City of Folk Art.