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UNM Anderson School of Management Study

Synthesizing Information for a Better Understanding of Folk Art in the Global Economy

BegimaiShygaeva©GenevieveRussell2012-0981In 2012, Dr. Manuel (MJR) Montoya, along with a group of philosophy and business students from the University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management conducted a study to identify factors contributing to the Market’s sustainability and success as an NGO. Their investigation resulted in a 63 page institutional analysis identifying the Market as a channel for international goods, an educational non-profit organization, and an epistemic community (a network of educational leadership and value-organization).

Their conclusions presented an understanding of the International Folk Art Market’s role to:

- Organize a value-system that can defend the interests of folk art
- Promote a green economic future through cultural preservation and entrepreneurial independence
- Build global communities that respond directly to sustainability
- Raise consumer consciousness and change consumer consumption patterns
- Preserve its curriculum as an integral step in protecting core values
- Connect the artists’ work with global issues that are currently shaping the world
- Establish credibility without compromising core values
- Focus efforts on helping increase the status of folk art in the world economy
- Establish credibility and vocabulary to participate in discussions towards shaping the global economic agenda

M2MThe International Folk Art Market recognizes the following, whose contributions towards this study effectively defines the Market’s mission and vision in action.

  • MJR Montoya, Assistant Professor, Global Structures
  • Julia Gilroy, NMBPG Chair, Global Affairs Fellow
  • Sara Saba, Poetics Project PM
  • Ehben Reed, Team Member
  • Tim Borror, Team Member
  • Jennifer Evans, Team Member


Manuel montoyaMJR Montoya, PhD

Dr. Manuel (MJR) Montoya is recognized as an Expert Spokesperson for the 2013 International Folk Art Market. He is Assistant Professor of Global Structures and International Business at the University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Born in Mora, New Mexico, he received his B.A. in English Literature and Economics from the University of New Mexico and has Master’s degrees from Oxford University and NYU. A Truman Scholar and Rhodes Scholar, Manuel has also served as a policy analyst for the United States Senate. He received his Ph.D. at Emory University in Foreign Relations and Comparative Literature.  He is also a participant in international efforts to eliminate child soldiers from major conflict regions.

His research interests include Global Structures and the World Political Economy, International Human Rights, Geopolitics of Literature, Political Theory, Global Structures, World Systems Theory, Postcolonial theory, 19th and 20th century philosophy, Economics, Public Policy, and Aesthetics.  He is the founder of his own consulting firm, In Medias Res Consulting, providing education on global structures to major NGOs, non-profits, and transnational corporations.

An amateur watchmaker, poet, and short story writer, Dr. Montoya believes deeply in the value of handmade goods, and is dedicated to value systems that allow handmade work to address issues of sustainability in the world economy.  As advisor for UNM and Anderson’s International Business Students Global, he has worked with UNM’s top students on broad issues that are setting the global agenda.

Sara Saba – Sara was Poetics Program manager and founder (2012).  Through her work in philosophy, she has been able to cultivate a meaningful relationship between the arts and sciences and the study of art from a business perspective. Her research interests revolve around the relationship between handmade goods, philosophy, and economy.  Sara completed her BA in Philosophy in 2012 with honors and is pursuing graduate school.  Sarah was a Marshall Scholar semi-finalist in 2011.

Julia Gilroy – President and owner of Mariza and Co., an import/export company of handmade goods.  Chairman of New Mexico Business Professionals Global, the professional counterpart to IBSG, Julia received her MA in economics from UNM, and is a long-term mentor for the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market.

Ehben Reed – IBSG Board Liaison and one of IBSG’s founding members.  Ehben’s interest in conflict minerals, particularly blood diamonds and coltan mining, led him to create a conflict minerals work group, known as CoMTTRA (Conflict Minerals Trade Theory Resource Allocation).  Ehben was a Marshall semi-finalist in 2012.

Tim Borror – Tim has worked with his hands as a contractor for most of his life – part of the family business.  He has done work with Habitat for Humanity in Nicaragua, and received his MBA in the summer of 2012. Tim is interested in supporting folk art and helping develop frameworks that sustain small communities throughout the world.

Jennifer Evans – A former member of the armed forces, Jenny was their lead student in consulting skill building.  With a Bachelor of Business Administration, Jennifer speaks several languages including fluent Korean.

The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, a non-profit organization, produces the largest international folk art market in the world, and our success led to Santa Fe’s designation as a UNESCO City of Folk Art.