Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

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Links to related organizations

Aid to Artisans, an international non-profit organization recognized as a leader of economic development for the craft industry. ATA links artisans to new markets and buyers to culturally meaningful, innovative products.

All India Artisans & Craftworkers Welfare Association, a membership-based apex body for the handloom and handicrafts sector in India. AIACA initiatives include:  piloting producer-owned companies in rural areas; and Craftmark, a certification program for Indian handicrafts.

Compassion Beyond Borders funds the education of girls and women in Afghanistan, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Uganda, and Tibetan refugees in India in partnership with local grassroots organizations.

Craft Revival Trust is a non-profit organization endeavoring to build an information and knowledge infrastructure for folk arts, crafts and textiles. Activities include:  research and publication; outreach and advocacy; and training workshops.

The Crafts Center, a membership organization providing information and training to artisan groups. The Crafts Center helps artisan groups access the global marketplace and enhance their businesses.

Crafts Council of India (CCA), a voluntary organization with a network of 10 affiliated State Councils that is affiliated with the World Crafts Council. CCA activities include:  capacity building; education; marketing; and documentation.

Cross-cultural Solutions (CCS) operates volunteer programs around the world in partnership with sustainable community initiatives. Programs, from one to 12 weeks, are available in over 20 program sites in 12 countries.

Cultural Survival works with indigenous communities in Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Australia, defending the rights of indigenous peoples around the world.

Endangered Language Fund (ELF) supports endangered language preservation and documentation projects through grants to individuals, tribes and museums.‘s favorite links. eShopAfrica is a source of fair trade arts and crafts direct from Africa.

Fair Winds Trading Inc. links artisan producers with the global marketplace. Artisans earn income and take an active role in shaping their future and building their lives.

The Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship is an international community dedicated to the development of successful entrepreneurs. GCCE provides cultural entrepreneurs with:  knowledge; technical assistance; market links and information; and access to capital necessary to the success of their venture.

The Global Fund for Women is a U.S.-based grantmaking, international network organization. The Fund makes worldwide grants to women’s groups and organizations, and works to advance the rights of women around the world with specific focus on women’s economic security, violence against women, education, health and leadership.

Global Goods Partners is a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and promoting social justice by strengthening women-led development initiatives, and creating access to the U.S. Market for marginalized communities in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Kala Raksha Trust, a grassroots social enterprise, is dedicated to preservation of the traditional arts of the Kutch, India region by making them culturally and economically viable.

Mercy Corps exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.

The National Peace Corps Association is the nation’s leading non-profit organization for connecting, informing and engaging returned Peace Corps Volunteers, former Peace Corps staff and friends of Peace Corps committed to fostering peace through service, education and advocacy.

Paramparik Karigar preserves and promotes the traditional arts and crafts of India. Activities include:  exhibitions; fairs; seminars; lectures; and workshops.

The Peace Corps addresses global needs as they arise. Volunteers continue to do important work like bringing clean water to communities and teaching children, but also work in areas like HIV/AIDS awareness, information technology and business development.

Project Concern International is a non-profit health and humanitarian aid organization dedicated to preventing disease, improving community health, and promoting sustainable development.

SERRV is a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating poverty whever it resides.  SERRV works with small-scale artisans and farmers to develop their skills and they buy and sell what they create to help them become self-sufficient in the long term.

SEWA is a trade union of poor, self-employed women workers who earn a living through their own labor or small businesses. SEWA’s main goal is to organize women workers to secure full employment that provides security in the following areas:  work, income, food and social (health care, child care, shelter).

TechnoServe provides development and training programs that help enterprising men and women in the developing world develop the skills and resources they need to launch or expand businesses, while fostering a broader culture of entrepreneurship.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), founded in 1945, provides leadership in promoting cultural diversity and dialogue among peoples.

Vital Voices identifies, invests in and brings visibility to extraordinary women around the world by unleashing their leadership potential to transform lives and accelerate peace and prosperity in their communities.

World Pulse World Pulse is a media enterprise covering global issues through the eyes of women.  They are dedicated to listening to and broadcasting the unheard voices and innovative solutions of women worldwide.

WorldWomenWork WorldWomenWork is a non profit organization in support of conservation through the education and empowerment of women and their families. The organization empowers women and promotes the conservation of endangered species.

Women for Women International believes that when women are well, sustain an income, are decision-makers, and have strong social networks and safety-nets, they are in a much stronger position to advocate for their rights.

World of Good: Development Organization is a non-profit organization that promotes fair trade practices and invests in fair trade artisan communities around the world. Partners include producer groups, fair trade organizations, mainstream businesses and donors.

The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, a non-profit organization, produces the largest international folk art market in the world, and our success led to Santa Fe’s designation as a UNESCO City of Folk Art.